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The Ssangyong Owners Club Xmas 2004 Meet

Another highly successful meet was held this time at Elvaston near Derby.

 Upon my arrival on the Friday Morning Ray and Jean (poacher) were already  set  up having arrived on the Thursday and Fourgos Van (Paul and Sam) already   in situ.



The day started windy but dry and gradually started having intermittent
 wet  spells but as people arrived they were greeted with a friendly hello and
 do  you want a cuppa. Spitfire popped down to show off his new genuine A bar
 and drink my tea.

The fourgos had compiled a wonderful arrival pack which let everyone know  the times of events that were planned and some local activities to do in
 the area.

Someone's eaten all my Dinner !

The Friday evening activities involved a getting together in the village  hall for mulled wine, a chat and quiz.

  last to turn up on the Friday night was Andi :). Turning up near 11pm but
 was soon set up and got me away from the carol singing with my voice that  was a mercy to all concerned :).

The Saturday  morning was a bright sunny start but with clouds whizzing overhead and guess what I had my hands dirty within half an hour of  getting  up. Tried swapping Solenoids on Ssangyong Steves car to see if we could  fix  his problem .... nope, and fitting a front seat and side steps to Andis car. The  next meet I am not getting hands dirty :) well maybe.

At 1 PM we started drifting to the hall for our Christmas meal and wow the  ladies involved excelled, the meal was fantastic.


I can say everyone was  more than satisfied with the quantity and quality even Ssangyong Steve was  heard  to say I am full believe it or not lol. Before the Meal we where treated  to Kim singing, wow that lady has a fantastic voice the talents of members are  wide and varied.

 After this we had a visit from Santa which all the children young and old  appreciated

 This was followed by the groaning of Vehicles transporting  fully laden people back to their vans for the compulsory after indulgence

Is that our ex leader in the santa suit ?

The Evening events started with an auction of items donated with some  ferocious bidding going on for of all things a Ssangyong Musso key ring.
 Then the raffle was held with these events over Paul was able to announce  that the weekend had raised back the money to the social fund that had
 been  used to supplement it in the first place. Then another Christmas related  quiz won by Steve, Liz and Hannah.

The Chinese Auction was the finale for the night with 44 members present  the swaps where limited to three per round with tactical swapping going on by  team scenic which resulted in a highly successful Crunchie bar being won  lol  after the teddy bear was kidnapped.

On the Sunday morning the early risers were greeted by a crisp and sunny  morning with a trio of visiting vehicles braving the cold to come and
 visit  these mad fools who camp out in December.

 Coffee and Cake available for all from 11 with people drifting away from
 mid  afternoon all with happy memories of another good meet.

 I wish all Members and their families a Happy and prosperous Christmas and
 New Year and all the best for 2005.


Fourgo's Pictures

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