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The 3rd Ssangyong Owners Club Meet
Thrumpton  25th 28th June 2004

Arrivals started Friday morning, with Scenic first on the scene.

The marquee proved worth its weight in gold, as the weather was not kind to us for the end of June.

Everyone had a great time, although the visitors were down on last time (probably due to the weather) there were some new faces, and commitments to come to the next meet, which is on September 24th 2004 near Rugby.

Scenic, put on an interesting fun quiz on Saturday evening, plus the usual Chinese auction, Karen organised a baby photo competition.

We continue to grow from strength to strength.

....why not join us next time?

Pictures from Wizard

members start to arrive

The Marquee goes up

Bonnets up already !!

Cafe Kasandrich is open for business

Fun & Games starts with Curling

A welcome cuppa !

Whose baby competition

The Korando's a capable tower

Spitfire4 watching the rugby.... Again

Whack the rat !!

He isn't watching rugby.... he's washing up !!

Cafe Kasandrich sold out after Ssanyong ssteves bulk order

A Musso respray went badly wrong !

Welly wanging.... I think

Site owner heard to say..... "why are you always staring under the bonnets" !

The Barbies are lit !!

It's gonna rain !!!

Fourgo decides to forgo the marquee and tuck in straight from the barbie

The civilised among us chow down in the Marquee

The whose baby comp.... answers in an e-mail to

an hour later....still scoffing

ssangyong ssteve prepares a light snack, as the cafe is closed

as the light dims....... the quiz gets underway.

the chinese auction prezzies

ok..... which one is the big box of choccies

Fourgo displays his twin dragons as Scenic's music & film quiz has us all scratching out heads

Sunday morning...late !!!

Kasndrich decides to spring clean the Cafe

The kids entertain themselves

Pictures From Spitfire4

Pictures from Kasandrich


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