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The Ssangyong Owners Club Xmas Meet
December 9th - 11th  2005

Christmas comes but once a year thank goodness :)

Another year is over and the same for the meetings but as usual this one was no disappointment a big thank you to all those involved in the organisation once again, for without there efforts it just wouldn't be the same.

There where people arriving from the Thursday onwards with Andi Deets and Dr Siddley all set up for when others braved the thick fog to arrive there on the Friday with Spitfire and Kutie arriving in both cars and Brutus and Croft Manor and Yours truly Scenic, who decided to send Griswald on a Scenic route to get there sorry :).

The Friday was the usual getting to meet people and catch up with a couple of end of season drinks in the hall to round off the day.

 The Saturday saw Griswald disappear under his car and change both front Shock absorbers, Brutus was swallowed by his engine as he changed his glow plugs and Deets thought it may be a good idea to seal his rear screen in as it was a little loose:). The day visitors arrived with first upon the scene Loco dude then Remy and a visit from El Blanco it was good to see the new faces and say hello.

At the night the hall was re visited for traditional Christmas food ok Pizza Indian and Chinese but thanks to the Ladies involved running around and getting all our orders so everyone was merry for the Chinese auction and quizzes. Spitfire causing much merriment as he he chased after a sheep and shock horror he was beaten in the quiz at last.

 All too soon Sunday was upon us and after removing potatoes from exhaust :) as I had been sleeping in car which isn't too bad until you roll onto a book . The members had to drive away poor Deets leaving first to drive back to Devon then back to Bristol for work only a few hundred miles. then a convoy of vehicles with Scenic in the lead taking Griswald back the shorter way and Croft manor all heading up the Great North Road.

 A merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all in the club and hope to see more in the future take care all.



Below are the pictures Kindly Supplied by Deets,

Thanks to Gareth (Spitfire4) for the pictures below ... and a small video of his reversing Skills !

Download the video here 1Mb .Mpg format
The Following Pictures are from Scenic



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All Images Copyright 2005 Ssangyong Owners Club