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The Ssangyong Owners Club Meet

Whitsun Week 2007 Highburn House Wooler, Northumberland


Ah Home at last after a brilliant meet and a mere 1200 miles put on the car nearly 800 of them lugging the van.

 The trend was started with a phone call from Andi " hi car broken oh about 20 miles from home" a good start to a 300 mile plus journey.

But intrepid meet attendees don't let little things like a non starting car get in their way they will get there come hell or high water or the back of a recovery truck, luckily Andi's was a quick fix on a vacuum solenoid and he was Motoring towing a mobile fuel station behind his gas guzzling but extremely rapid GX220.

 Had arranged to meet up with Deets and go up in convoy also had spare caravan wheel he needed as he has been having some troubles with tyres recently, just as well I was carrying it as by Ferrybridge on A1 he shredded another caravan tyre, 2 am on the suicide side of the van with lorries hurtling past we changed his tyre. Should have held out for more money where else would he get a tyre at that time of day :)

 Phoned Andi his shares in LPG were rising as he ploughed money into their profit scheme, so three of the longest distance Musso's where heading up A1. Andi being older succumbed to sleep and had too rest while the intrepid due ( tweedle dee and tweedle dum carried on ). Parking 8 miles from site and then turning up at 7am To be met after a bit of coughing outside his van to wake him up, by Boogyman who had arrived the day before. Soon replenished with Coffee and bacon sarnies we pulled our vans onto the hard standings and where setting up when Andi arrived having decided sleep isn't good and arriving for a bacon buttie is :).

 During the day we had arrivals from Spitfire, Vanpuller, Edmonds and our meet virgins Dunky121 in their tent with Brutus turning up the following morning. The first of our visitors was Acidburner who popped up to say hello and be made welcome with a cuppa and his car checked over. We also had a couple of visits from stevejand30 along with his son but he brought reinforcements second visit his daughter as well. It is alleged I was seen running however I wish too categorically deny this slanderous remark, Mind you Kippy nearly had duck for lunch :).

 The Saturday saw some tinkering and playing with cars  and a superb BBQ that evening Thanks too Mike and Kath. Followed by quizzes and Chinese Auction and raffle.

The next couple of days saw us exploring some of the countryside down a nice little valley where my slug was harassed and pushed by all those Turbo boys :).

A trip too Chainbridge Honey Farm and Lindisfarne with some playing on the sand.  All too soon we had too have a few depart Van Puller, Edmonds and Dunky though dunky pledged too be back.

 Tuesday night saw another excellent meal from Boogymans Caravan Of Chicken Korma and Chilli Con Carni. This warmed us up after the most miserable day of solid rain but we had been to Kielder and done the forest drive and played in the mud. Even though Andi and I both did our best too get stuck, but the Mussos made their own way out in the end and no one needed towing Phew.

 Wednesday started wet and Miserable, But as Brutus departed an Hour later the sun broke through and stayed with us all week Sorry Chris and Melissa but it was true. 

Boogyman thought his brakes where a bit ineffective so we cleaned and bled and cured squeaks then took him for a wee spin ( I want a turbo Automatic :( ) Showed him ABS working also how to get the power light on and do donuts and flicking the tail out on a musso he returned a bit greener and needing a seat . But happy that his brakes work .


Another trip Too Lindisfarne followed by some driving along a wee green lane and then parking on the sea side near Berwick. Followed by Pie and Pea supper.

Dunky returns but not with Tent he has gone and bought a van the day after he left the meet. Shown how to fit the other mad spring yes remove the panhard rod he tried to use some excuse :) about time and not wanting too shear anything  but all done ok now also he saw deets adjusting Handbrake myself messing with Bearings.  Andi cured his Vibration problem but while deets was test driving going yippee and he wants one, at some stage the brake clip sprung off so a walk around wooler scouring roads looking under cars too no avail so another modification carried out and the slide pin and calliper drilled so it could be split pinned in place.

 Soon it was Sunday and time too depart a few members a bit redder due to lovely sunny days and basking around  relaxing at the lovely quiet site.  Travelling back thinking ah well all over a phone call from deets he has lost his caravan wheel into the fast lane of motorway but he got it back and removed some more nuts about to secure it on after discovering  his RAC cover didn't include Caravan and they wanting 600 too take him home. But as far as I know all made it safely back  once again a big thank you too all who attend the meets as the wide range of talents and personalities are what keep everything going so well.

Till the next one Have fun and drive safe


And 3 pictures below from Spitfire4

Pictures below from Dunky

Pictures Below from Mike ( Boogeyman)


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All Images Copyright 2005 Ssangyong Owners Club