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The Ssangyong Owners Club Meet
 5th - 9th JULY 2007  Woodhill Park, Norfolk

Having taken the caravan down the weekend before so that the In-Laws could have a short break, all I had to do was turn up on the Thursday to greet and assist any members arriving that evening. Mike and Kath (Boogyman and Korando Kath) had arrived before us and were made welcome with the obligatory cuppa by the In-Laws. The weather wasn't very good with a gusty wind building up in the evening and the odd shower of rain.

 A relatively sleepless night followed with the wind howling and the rain lashing down, continuing on for most of Friday. I forget how many times I had to re-peg that awning down! Gareth and Vicki (Spitfire4 and Kutie Korando) rang me in the morning to let me know that they would be leaving late due to the high winds.

 The day progressed much as it had started, very high gusty wind and sharp showers, Mike and myself taking refuge sitting on the boot lip of his Musso occasionally getting a reminder of the fury mother nature could unleash. At one point lifting the Musso so high that when the wind dropped we both thought one of his tyres had suddenly deflated.

Gareth and Vicki finally made it later on in the afternoon and did battle with the wind, finally getting their porch awning into some sort of shape resembling the picture on the bag. Chris and Melissa ( Brutus and Caesar) arrived in the evening towing the bungalow behind their Korando. Naturally enough we tried to get Chris to put it where it would shelter the rest of us but it was just too big to get in a good position. The wind finally started to die down a bit in the evening so we all got a welcome good nights sleep, after a fish supper and a few beers of course…

Saturday arrived in a blaze of glory, brilliant sunshine and a light breeze. Various members went off to do some shopping and look around the local towns and villages. After what seemed good foresight in sorting out the Marquee at the previous meet we discovered that our organising skills were akin to those of a headless chicken when we found some bits were missing, but struggled on by robbing bits until the structure was complete. Thankfully the Tea, Coffee and essential Tea-Urn had all arrived safely courtesy of Mike and Kath.

Naturally enough the toolboxes came out and the tinkering started, Mike fitted some reversing sensors, Gareth and myself went off to swap the MAF meter on my GX220 with one he had brought to see if it would run better, but no luck.

 Our first visitor, John with wife and children, also turned up to ask a couple of questions in his Daewoo Musso 2.3 he returned later on his own to get some more info without distractions.

 As usual the evening started off with the obligatory Saturday night feast, this time not provided by the incorrigible Mike but by the local takeaway. Since there were so few of us the raffle was rather predictable with everyone a winner!!

The Chinese auction was just as much fun as usual with a few more steals than normal just to raise the general hilarity level. Copious quantities of intoxicating drink being dispatched before a rather late finish.

The weather continued to hold on Sunday with some more tinkering going on, Gareth finally fitting new reversing sensors which show up on his rather smart mirror which also doubles as a hands free kit. I eventually discovered why the reversing camera wasn’t working on my caravan, helps if I wire it up!!

We also had our second visitor, David, all the way from Hertfordshire, complete with his mother and a diabetic cat!

Chris and Melissa had to depart around lunchtime since they both had to be back at work on the Monday. After we all went to watch the British GP our last visitor arrived in the early evening. Another Mike. He had been carded by Chris and came along with an extremely clean example of a Daewoo 2.9TD.

Monday saw us all getting ready to depart with the exception of Mike and Kath who were staying on til Thursday to sample the local fruit picking. The end of another successful Ssangyong Club meet, even if there was only one real Ssangyong there.






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