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The Owners Club Whitsun  Meet May 26th - June 4th


Sad to be back home, well as only had 20 miles to travel to this one, it was less traumatic for me than others :).
Arrival on the Friday morning saw me turning up just as Andi was arranging his pitch, having travelled from Norfolk the previous night. The ground was soaking and the heavens continuing to downpour they had managed for the previous fortnight not looking like the greatest start.
Then young Deets arrived with his house on wheels a free collection from eBay, he had travelled from Cornwall the previous night so another long journey.
Next was Boogyman slowly sinking into the ground as he reversed and parked up. Brutus travelled from Northamptonshire, Spitfire from Chesterfield, Scouse from, well will leave you to guess with a name like that but he had a lorra lorra fun and Griswald from Hull all with attached families and spouses. As can be seen members travel from all over and it isn't just people local to the area.
The usual setting up and meeting and chatting was carried out. The meet followed its usual informal lines with everyone free to do as much or as little as they wished on the Saturday some car tinkering was done with Bone shaker arriving for the afternoon and staying the night in his car which he parked under a tree a vulture or a horse was sitting in from the size of the mess on his roof the following morning.  The Chinese auction was its usual success and quizzes where held as well in the marquee at the evening.
On The Sunday we had our one day visitor Dave from Weston Super Mare and he joined for the trip out via some green lanes to Avebury which was packed with tourists. Spitfire had problems his front hubs not engaging, but on strip down and clean later all fine don't you just love Musso's.
As the week progressed the children enjoyed the slides and swings and later in the week when red hot the swimming pool was well attended by just about everyone.
The offroading was fun but a lot of it was not as good as it could have been due to torrential rain the month before. but Stonehenge was visited by byways.
Griswald was having problems with belt tensioners again, to solve parts from spare car where robbed and fitted and a new damper from GSF purchased which went again after 20 miles much to his amusement, if quaint anglo saxon words are a term of endearment. Another new damper was sourced this time from Mercedes commercial the body of the damper is a fraction longer and this seemed to make a difference.
Deets managed to fill his radiator with the fine silt and his electronic cooling fan so once again to spare car and obtain bits and order a new viscous damper for him from GSF.
Boogyman had his mad springs fitted and repeater indicators to mirrors also Scouse had mads fitted, Brutus fitted his ES9000 shocks while Andi changed lower ball joints so as usual lots of tinkering. Ssangyong Steve arrived after Scouse left on the Wednesday for a couple of nights.
Boogyman did a couple of exceptional BBQ each weekend. the final Saturday was the hottest day with some members turning exceedingly pink then red.
The Judging of the best of meet was carried out on the final Saturday with the winner being judged to be Boneshaker, knew we shouldn't have gone off road as we all lost points for dirty engine bays damm :).
To sum up a fantastic time, made special by the people you meet who will help each other out, The children enjoyed the slides swings and pool and the lovely weather of the latter part of the week.
Till the next time happy motoring and see you all soon.


Thanks to Scenic, Spitfire4 , Deets & SteveI for the pictures





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