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The Ssangyong Owners Club Pocklington Meet
October 20th - 22nd 2006

"Water Water everywhere but hardly any on the meet during the daytime".

Thank you firstly to all who organised and sorted the site out (inch family springs to mind cheers Steve and Rachel) and Thank you to Mike and Kath for the feeding of the hordes on Saturday night.

 Well looking at the forecast, you could have been expecting the meet to be a washout, but instead it turned into one of the best attended meets so far.

Lots of new faces apologies in advance for any spelling mistakes of names or complete absence of name :), but they are not my strong point in fact terrible with names, normally get them correct after a few meets so keep coming if you want them spelt correctly .

All was looking good on the Thursday apparently when some of the usual faces arrived Boogyman (Mike and Kath) Spitfire4 (Gareth and Vicky) Griswald (Steve and Rachel along with children) and Andi (Andi and Chris plus one :) ). I was told it was all nice and dry when they arrived and set up, but during the night the heavens opened and a paddling pool formed in the centre of the field. Also on the site was a Kyron and a Rexton. By the time Friday evening arrived and so did I, there was a full contingent of Musso's, Korando's,Rexton's and a Kyron.

 The newly formed pond and soft grass allowed some to find out that even though the lights said yes, the four wheel drive said NO and discovered that all was not as well as they had  hoped. As usual lots of helpful advice and work to do on the Saturday. The Friday night saw all relaxing and chatting preparing for the following day.

 The Saturday saw a generally dry day with some showers but never to be downhearted work was started on cars with jobs ranging over the weekend, from glow plug changing, alarm fitting, mad spring fitting, connecting of vacuum tubes to front hubs, extra brake and tail lights fitted, 12S towing socket fitting and handbrake adjusting along with the old favourite of changing injector spill hosing to name but a few. In between all this the marquee was erected, even with Brutus helping by saying he had forgotten things like instructions, which he hadn't, they where just in a safe place :).


In attendance at club meet where as follows once again apologies if I have forgotten or got name wrong :-


Andi Chris Musso

Gareth Vicky Musso

Tony Judy Kyron 

Ross  Musso

Steve Rachel Musso

Tony Dor Musso

Tony Jan Musso

Michael Claire Musso

Chris Melissa Korando

Mike Musso

Kath Korando

Ray Jean Rexton

Iain Tina Korando

Bernie Musso

Iain Yvonne Korando



So a total over the weekend of Nine Musso's, Four Korando's Two Rexton's and a Kyron.


The children all had a great time as well Mud and freedom to run about what more could parents wish for aggaggaghhhh :). Once again members had travelled from all three corners of the UK Wales, Norfolk Wiltshire at the extremes oh I did travel to Scotland first and made it down so roads all ok :) even if the spray was terrible.


Bernie Mileoman turned up on the Saturday evening in a newer Musso he had just bought that day.


Mike and Kath did everyone proud with enough food to feed the whole club membership on the Saturday night which all enjoyed in the marquee followed by quizzes and Chinese auction much to everyone's enjoyment.


All too soon I had to depart leaving the happy few to remain and enjoy another evening and night of relaxing and drinking. Thanks again to all who organise attend and put up with each other as this is what makes the social side special .


Iain (Scenic)

Till the next time drive safe and take care.


The Pictures Below Courtesy Of Scenic,
If you have any you want posted please e-mail them to wizardry@ntlworld.com 
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Thanks to Griswald for the pictures below ( taken on his mobile phone)




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