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The Ssangyong Owners Club Meet

 Friday 23rd May to Sunday 1st June 2008
Breck Farm, Holt, Norfolk

The week looked like it was going to be one of the best attended but unfortunately some members had to cancel due to personal circumstances or other things going on.

However, not to be disheartened, our usual enthusiasm prevailed and a good meet was had by all.

Andi, Chris, Heather and imminent“bump” arrived first at Breck farm in deepest North Norfolk, having travelled the immense distance of 12 miles or so.

We were soon joined by the other intrepid members coming from various places round the country, Spitfire, Brutus, Vanpuller and new member Knight.

            The site was huge with caravans in one field and tents in another. Facilities were basic but everything we needed was there. The site owners were very helpful and left us to our own devices. There are improvements planned to the site with a lot of new hookups going in and a new toilet block being built in the near future, which will be a real benefit to the site. I think that given that the site next door was charging £28 a night and we were paying £12 made the site even more attractive to us and we will probably make it the permanent Norfolk meet site for future meets.

The weather was reasonable but could have been a lot better, the wind making things difficult for us at times. I think that during the week we had everything apart from Snow and Hail.

Most of the weekend was just spent chilling out and enjoying ourselves as best we could when the weather allowed us to.

On Tuesday it was decided to have a quick ride out and see if we could find some green lanes to play on, they are few and far between in Norfolk.

So Andi, Brutus and Spitfire visited a couple of Fords nearby, one of which is around 25 metres across and a good 0.75 metres deep. After some pretty boring green lanes it was decided to try a track that led out by the marshes at Morston.

This was at times very narrow and since it was mainly gorse bushes, I don’t think any of us came out without any scratches. There was no way out at the far end so we had to turn round and come back.

On the way back Brutus decided to have a play in part of the Marsh and “surprise, surprise” got himself stuck in the foulest smelliest black mud you can imagine. After spraying it liberally over his Silver Korando he eventually managed to extricate himself whilst Spitfire and myself watched on in fits of laughter.

Brutus had to return home for a couple of days due to work commitments but joined us again later in the week.

Spitfire also had an impromptu visit home when his GX220 started missing on one cylinder and he called on his recovery service to take him home so he could pick up another Musso from his collection.

We also had an amazing display of Thunder and Lightning in the early hours of Tuesday morning which woke most of us up.

Vanpuller had to leave part way through the week as did Knight, who promised he would be coming to the next meet in a Ssangyong and not a Toyoyoy….or something.

The second weekend was looming and saw the arrival of Poacher, Chrisbrooks, Dr Siddeley and the return of Spitfire and Brutus. The weather was still changeable but did bring some warm sunny periods allowing a spot of sunbathing now and again, Spitfire managed to get some sunburn on his arms.

            Brutus, being a glutton for punishment, decided to go out off-roading again and accompanied by Chrisbrooks headed off to the Fords we had done earlier. Chrisbrooks managed to lose his number plate in one of them which Brutus valiantly rescued, wading into the water fully clothed.

            Saturday night was the usual Partytime with a raffle, several quizzes and the Chinese auction.

            Sunday saw us all packing up in good dry weather for the drive home.

 Meet High Points….

            Spitfire having to take GX220 home.

            Getting video of Brutus stuck in the mud.

            Andi getting the Million Pound Question right.

Not having to do a dash to the hospital, although we tried everything to get Chris to give birth - playing football, skipping and going offroad.

Dunky informing us that Rachel was Scottish Champion at Tae-Kwon-Do.

Meet Low Points….

            Spitfire having to take GX220 home.

            Missing Brutus wading through the Ford.

            The unfortunate timekeeping of the Ice Cream Van!!

 And finally…

            Thankyou to all of you who helped to make the meet a success, you all know who you are, and a special thanks from Chris, Heather and myself for your help over what must have been our most nerve wracking week ever.



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