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The Ssangyong Owners Club Meet

 September 28th-30th 2007 Northamptonshire (Napton)

Well just a quick note from myself hopefully a detailed Meet report from one of the full weekend attendees. Just popped up on the Saturday due to other commitments and a wonderful day was had. A big thank you to the ladies Chris and Melissa for doing a brilliant job fetching the food for the evening meal. Was great to see so many new faces as well as old at one of the best attended meets of the year. 

The usual tinkering was carried out diagnostics of glow plugs a set of spill hoses replaced and mad springs fitted amongst many other tasks. A group went to play off road in the lovely sunshine and all made it back safely after some running repairs to collapsing windows amongst some of the problems.

 The Chinese auction was the usual success after the meal and was a shame had to leave so soon but hopefully see you all again in the near future.

 Scenic (Iain)

Off Road Report Courtesy Tony Hague

6 cars (5 musso, 1 korando) foolishly followed Brutus greenlaning, though we had been warned...

All was surprisingly uneventful for the first couple or 3 lanes with the exception of a side window falling off its runner - not something you want when the mud is flying, running repair carried out by brutus and andi with the rest of us 'watching and learning'..., as we flew down the mud tracks and fields we surprised a few sheep, a couple of bulls, and some very unhappy looking walkers, all the while trying to get the mud as far up the sides of our cars as possible (i have it on my roof!)

someone parked a tree in the middle of the byway, none of us fancied reversing a few hundred yards back to civilisation, so first brutus (with road tyres) and then andi (AT tyres) had a good go at pulling the tree off the road, eventually deciding to use the cars to rip off most of the branches, then drag what remained to the side, all done with a sense of humour, and perhaps surprise from those of us who've never been playing off the beaten track before.

Later we came across a lane which had not been use for some time judging by the tree growth, andi and brutus stood scratching chins while dorkando ran down to see if it got any better further down (pic 50), perhaps a clue would have been the no motor vehicles sign hidden in the undergrowth (pic 51).

Throwing caution (and everything else with sense) to the wind, we drove down, all somehow managing to avoid both the trees and the big ditch to our side, almost all emerging into the daylight at the other side, with the exection of chris and pat (i think) in a musso auto who'd managed to park in couple of nice, deep, wet ruts. andi, little tom and i walked back to rescue them, andi explaining how to set 4wl on an auto box and suggesting sagely 'just give it some welly', advice which worked, and made me thankful i was not stood behind when the welly was given, as mud flew high.

With darkness setting we returned to camp, full of smiles and tales of what we'd done over the last few hours. The next day we all got to see the true state of our cars, and they are filthy! we also all seem to have the same scratches down the offside, which i prefer to call battle scars rather than gouged paintwork, though hopefully nothing that a bit of t-cut and elbow grease can't remove.

One lesson we all did learn was, "never listen to the radio when greenlaning" because tree branches are stronger than the areial, as one member with a 45 degree bend on his can testify.

Tony's Pictures are below

The following pictures courtesy Scenic ( Iain)

Pictures Below Courtesy Dorkando







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