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Xmas meet Hollyfast Caravan Park, Allesley, Coventry


Well a Christmas Meet with surprises.


Dr Siddeley and Andi turned up at Napton only to find it shut, not a good start to the weekend, apparently the license had been revoked for site and he didnít bother informing us nice, no Christmas card from me.

After some amazing work by Chris and Melissa they managed to find an alternative site near to Coventry, this then meant some last minute site editing and phoning around all the people we could contact.

So at least we have learnt in future, when people are confirming they are attending, we will request they give a contact number as well, via pm to ensure we can contact if any last minute changes.

The weather had done its best the previous week to ensure we would have a nice time, Tornados in London and Floods around the country along with gale force winds.


The regulars still braved the environments and travelled to be rewarded with a lovely dry, if crisp day on the Saturday. Once again a hall was managed to be found at short notice and Mike and Kath did everyone proud with a stunning spread, which I can say everyone enjoyed. It was lovely to meet up with some people not seen for a while and as usual the spirit was fantastic even though the best had to be made out of the situation of a last minute change. This is what makes the meets special, that everyone will try to help out and move heaven and earth to get the weekend completed successfully.


Once again a big thank you to all with special mentions for Chris and Melissa for running their phone bills up, to sort everything last minute, Mike and Kath for doing the cooking. All the rest who contributed food and Heather for her little cakes mmmmmmmmmm must get the recipe.


Those who attended


Andi Chris and Heather

Boogyman Mike and Kath

Brutus Chris and Melissa

Dr Siddeley Alan and Hazel

Croft Manor Andy and Mandy

Griswald Steve and Rachel, Oliver, Courtney and Darcy

Scenic Iain and Katrina

Spitfire Gareth and Vicky

Ssangyong Steve

Twin Dragons Tony and Doreen, Lana, Ben and Tom


Till we see you all next year Safe Driving and have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Looking forward to a thriving year, new people and new sites as well.



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