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No Validation recieved Aol & Hotmail Users & Junk Mail setting

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Just a quick note if you are on AOL or have a mail filtering system embodied. Check when you join that the reply email, doesnt get automatically filtered into your junk email folder.

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AOL still seems to put registration emails and other emails from site into its Junk Filter. So if using AOL please check or consider using a Hotmail/Yahoo or other free email address for joining and club posts.

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If checking after a day or so depending on your junk mail settings your bin may have been emptied, therefore request a new validation and check email and junk bins within a few minutes. Also applies to initial Hotmail accounts before you set up preferences.

You will recieve an email like this

Registration at Ssangyong Owners Club ( Ssangyong Owners Club )

| | | Inbox


This email has been sent from http://www.ssangyongclub.co.uk/forum/index.php.

You have received this email because this email address

was used during registration for our forums.

If you did not register at our forums, please disregard this

email. You do not need to unsubscribe or take any further action.


Activation Instructions


Thank you for registering.

We require that you "validate" your registration to ensure that

the email address you entered was correct. This protects against

unwanted spam and malicious abuse.

To activate your account, simply click on the following link:


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If using AOL or Hotmail Check your junk email folder and filter settings, otherwise you will not see the validation email from the club site.

It is possible to use these as a number of members do, just requires a little work on your own side.

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