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Billing Meet 24th – 26th October 2003

Friday- the arrivals.

Friday started with Fourgo, (Paul & Sam along with their son Shane, daughter Katarina and the dog Rebel), arriving first and getting the gates to Puddle Duck Place unlocked. Moving themselves in, and when I phoned at about 12.00 noon they were just putting up their awning.

 It continued with Spitfire4, (Gareth & Vicky along with their 2 Dogs). Then Snowman, (Paul & Jan) arriving. Also visiting were Akerdis (Craig & Olivia) in the only Korando of the weekend, sorry I have no photos of the Korando, but they hung on as late as they could to meet me but I wasn’t fully unpacked when they left, so the camera was still packed away. The other visitor on Friday was Brick (Aiden & Anne) who came all the way from Dublin to see us.


Final arrival of the day in the dark was yours truly at 7.15pm Kasandrich, Richard & Karen along with the Boys Andrew & David. We were given a lovely warm welcome, a nice cup of hot tea, & biscuits courtesy of Paul & Sam.


The evening ended with Andrew, David and Shane, being sent out for chips and getting lost. Sam had decided to go for a walk in the morning and Jan decided to go along, as did, Shane & Andrew.

Ahhh There they are                                                Brick, Aiden all the way from Dublin

Saturday- the main day.

Gareth was first up, up at 6.00am to watch the Rugby on satellite TV, but nobody saw him until lunch time! I was up about 09.00am, which is early for me, it was a frosty, quiet start, to a fantastic day.

A Frosty Start to a Saturday morning                                           The Fougos were in Bed !!

Sam and the others left at 10.00am for their walk, and they didn’t reappear until 13.00. Andrew’s heels were hurting and I think Jan was surprised they weren’t back 2 hours or so earlier! ….When Sam goes for a walk, she goes for a walk, only beaten by Forest Gump’s runs.

                          Fourgo ready for the off                                                                 Did you say there's Rugby on

By mid morning several of us (Fourgo, Kasandrich, Snowman) were gathered and starting to talk Ssangyong, there was talk of Fourgo’s 2.9D, Snowman’s Daewoo 2.9TD, and my GX220. We decided, after looking under bonnets and discussing bodywork variations, that it would be a good idea to go out for a ride in all three for a comparison test.


 The three of us piled into Fourgo’s 2.9D with 137,000 miles on the clock, and off we went, and as we went we spotted a Musso go the other way with the reg. CAZ 9072, hang on that rings a Bell, it was Steve, the brave soul with a tent. Fourgo’s 2.9D by no means disgraced itself, I was surprised what the 2.9D would do, Paul said the secret of the Mercedes Diesel is to rev it, don’t try and use the low down torque.

Caz9072 (Steve)                                                                  Fourgo (Paul)

When we got back we met CAZ9072, Steve who was by this time in my caravan having a cuppa. So we joined him in a cuppa before our ride out in Snowman’s Daewoo TD, which was a noticeable improvement without being startling, then we went out in my GX220, the conclusion reached was that the 2.9D & the GX220 both have a grin factor, one at the pumps and one from the LOUD pedal.

Frog 338 ( Frog & Ross)                                                                            Frog

We thought it’d be a good idea to line the five Musso’s present at this stage up for a photo, and it was not long before Mileoman, Bernard, and Pookie1, Steve & Hannah with little Joe, turned up making 7 Musso’s, there was lots of bonnet peering and we ended up with all the bonnets up, and finding just about every one was different, with things like different ABS units, fitted different sides of the car!

It was Rugby for the Spitfires                                                          Kas and son of Rich

Then just when you’ve got 7 Musso’s, along comes another, in the form of Scenic, Iain and Katrina. So now we were 8, which is the most we got together at once but not to forget, we had had 2 visitors the night before, Akerdis in his Korando, and Brick’s Silver Musso. So we’d had 10 Ssangyongs, but we were missing 2 where were Neilmc and rocky461.

Kasandrich  ( Karen & Richard)                                            Katrina (aka Mrs Scenic)

Every one present joined in a game of Boules, despite the bitter cold weather. We decided that splitting up couples and having random partners was a way to encourage people to mix, the teams were.


Gareth & Katarina

Paul (Snowman) & Sam

Bernard & Jan

Shane & Richard

Katrina & Karen

Steve (caz9072) & Hannah

Paul (Fourgo) & Vicky

Steve (Pookie1) & Iain


The game was played as a knock-out match and, having NEVER played, I fancied I could do this, (I’m to fat to run or do very physical sports, but I reckoned I’d be able to throw a ball, it looks a doddle!) I asked Shane if he had played before, and he had, this was going to be a walk-over, it was mine and Shane’s game, only, we got knocked out in the first round in one end!  Paul (Snowman) & Sam went on to win. Vicky kindly kept running in and out to make tea’s and coffee’s, and the game kept everyone together and talking despite the cold.

Mileoman ( Bernard)                                                                Nookie Bear turned up

Scenic had to get off, and Mileoman went to get something to eat, then, a shout goes up, here comes another Musso with a Caravan, I wonder whether its Neilmc or Rocky461, once he pulled in and stopped I went to introduce myself and welcome them, it was Frog338, he had never towed, never caravanned, and picked up his caravan 2 hours before coming to stay with us. This was the final new face, making 11 Ssangyongs in one place, over a weekend, if not exactly at the same time. We also saw 3 other Musso’s one we believe was on site somewhere and two on the local roads whilst on our test drives. If only Neilmc, Rocky461 and Wizardry had made it we would have numbered 14.

Paul off to the toilet again !!!                                                     Please god let me have the large box of chocolates

Pookie1, Steve, Hannah & Joe                                                                "Right you lot"

Saturday Evening

We assembled about 7pm, in Fourgo’s awning, present were Paul & Sam, Richard & Karen, Aiden & Anne, Paul & Jan, Gareth & Vicky, Steve, Shane, Katarina, Andrew & David. We all handed in the quiz sheets that Fourgo had supplied, with a list of 20 jumbled up car names we had to sort out, and scores were counted up, the results were.


Kasandrich 19 ( must have been fixed ed...Ed.)

Spitfire4     18

Caz9072     17

Brick          17

Snowman   16


All I can say about the quiz is thanks or organising it Sam, and please try to remember there are 2 S’s in Ssangyong.

Sam, Shane and Rebel                                                                 Scenic (Iain)

After a bit of a chat whilst waiting for Frog338 to join us, we decided to push on without him, and do a quiz that I organized. This was a general knowledge quiz of 30 questions. Teams were on a family basis, except for Steve who had to put up with Karen & David, as I was question master.  The results were;


Gareth & Vicky    21.5

Paul & Sam           17.5

Paul & Jan             13.5

Karen & Steve       12

Aiden & Anne       10


As can be seen, Gareth & Vicky were the winners and their effort was rewarded with a bottle of red wine.

Seven of the best !                                                      Rearely do you see this many together

After some more chatting, Frog joined us with his son Ross, although unfortunately, the baby was poorly and Tish stayed in to put him to bed. At this point we kicked off the Chinese auction, which was a new experience for most, it went really well and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Everyone ended up with something, Vicky got the “BIG BOX OF CHOCOLATES” that had been round and round, Karen got 2 bars of chocolate, David got a box of Quality Street, Paul (Fourgo) had a Xmas Mug & Teddy, Sam had a bath salts ball, Aiden and Anne had a bottle of wine each, Paul (Snowman) had a very nice Liberarchy CD, Jan had chocolate, Steve had a can of engine degreaser, which I swapped for my Cappuccino milk frother, Gareth had two cooker lighters and a Teddy air freshener, Andrew had a bottle of Tomato ketchup, Shane had a flower pot, Frog, had a box of spooky cakes, Ross had a Bob the Builder soap on a rope, Katarina, had a bottle of wine. I think we all had a good laugh.

Snowman (Paul)                                                              Spitfire4 ( Gareth)

Paul, (Fourgo) seemed to have a bladder problem from the frequency he visited the loo, Sam was convinced he was going for a clandestine ciggy, (as he “doesn’t smoke”). So thinking the toilet block was for our use only, she followed him into the gents with a camera to catch him out, unfortunately she caught him with it hanging out, ( where's the pic....Ed)  and ANOTHER MAN TOO!! Not to be beaten she tried again on another occasion, this time she decided to go to the loo whilst in there, Paul said you can’t do that, and bolting the cubicle door, and dropping her trousers she said, “why not there’s no one here”, it was at this stage that a voice came from another cubicle, “yes there is!!!” The evening ended at about 01.30am with us the last to leave.

The Fourgos were in bed !!!                                  The Kasandrich's were in bed !


Sunday saw more gatherings and talking Ssangyong, and Mileoman re-appeared, there was talk about his intermittent 4WD problem, where the two 4wd lights come on and stay on, out came the hardcopy manual, and conclusion was reached that maybe the problem was in the sensor side of the 4wd selector motor, and as if by magic, CAZ9072 appeared with a complete working motor assembly, and agreement was reached that he could take it home and try it, thanks must go to Steve for that.

The Snowmens were in bed ( who was up early to take these pics ? ED.)        Vicky Guarding her big box of chocolates

People started to leave about lunch time with Mileoman, & CAZ9072 leaving, then Snowman and Spitfire4, Fourgo and Kasandrich reluctantly left at about 17:00, leaving just Frog338, who was staying until Monday.

This games a load of Boules                                            They can't all have broken down ?


It was a brilliant weekend, warmer weather would have been nice, but many new friendships were bonded, it was great to put faces to names and blow away all the images of people that had been generated in people’s heads. Everyone enjoyed it but unfortunately Frog’s kids were both poorly, putting a dampener on it for the Frog338 family. But they were impressed with their first caravan outing.


Please take some time to look through some of the photos, I know it can take a while to download them on dial-up.


Hopefully this is the first of many gatherings with talk already of meetings as early as February. We appreciate that it was too far for some people to travel, but I think the only answer to that is regional meets, its just up to someone to arrange a meet in their region and invite others along.


Caz9072 was so impressed he’s going to buy a caravan! So he can do it properly next time.


You know it's going to be cold don't you Steve !!      ( a tent in October he's mad !! ED)

All Pictures Courtesy of Kasandrich

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