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The Ssangyong Owners Club Atherstone Meet
29th April - 2nd May 2005

A Bank Holiday with Sunshine
Just returned from another meet and looking a lot browner than when I arrived on the Friday. Thanks at the start to Sam and Paul for organising the site, arrival on the site was made much easier by the map that Chris and Melissa had done to aid us all. Friday night saw the usual reprobates cluttering up the place and making it look untidy, when a Blue Musso appeared which hadnt been seen for a while Bernie (mileoman) had arrived and was going to test out the Musso bed. He hadnt been around for a while due to a minor health problem mere triple bypass surgery, To which the sympathetic plea was have you left us your Turbo in your will never come to a meet hoping for sympathy :). The Rest of the night was spent in the marquee apart from Scenic who wimped out claiming Prop lag from six different time zones in last fortnight :).  Arising early on the Saturday morning all was quiet as usual and damp weather appeared ahhh we thought a normal bank holiday and rain but it was soon to pass and glorious sunshine was found and bonnets opened and cars where tinkered with along with shopping trips and talk of fitting Turbos. Andi fitted side repeater indicators on his mirrors which caused his battery to flatten as everyone wanted to see them working that night.
The Saturday night  and the first Quiz was started of the weekend which suprise Spitfire won mind you he did have my help :) also he was rather the worse for the weather or the Fridays drink catching up on him and people where stealing from him just to make him walk up again to the table cruel but good fun. The chinese Auction was the usual stealing from children and everyone left happy Ssangyong Steve seen running off to his van with the big hard copies of the musso manuals light reading for later he claimed after succesfully stealing it from Andi. The quiz prize was strip shots a drinking stripping game which i decided was best for Gareth and Vicky alone. The Sunday was a relaxing day with more shopping and some maintenance on my own car included for a change. More BBQ food was consumed and large quantities of diet pepsi and some other drinks. At night another social card game and Quiz was held succesfully with Melissa winning all the card games and her team on the first quiz then the second quiz was won by Richard and Paul. The monday saw the arrival of our only Sssangyong owning Guests luckily the weather was still being kind. But not long after as wrapping up normal Bank Holiday weather resumed and the Heavens opened. butonce again a fantastic time for young and old and looking forward to the next meet already.


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Thanks to  Spitfire4,  Scenic &  CrazyMusso for the pictures


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